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Evan LeGrande Wilson, and his award winning company LeGrande Studios, Inc. possess nearly 30 years of notable achievements in painting, design, historic color designations, conservation and restoration of most historic surfaces.
With an impressive aptitude for the creative, along with practical training, and years of problem solving, LeGrande Studios, Inc. continues to be an active force for bringing back aesthetic environments feared to have been lost, while protecting and preserving others so that future generations can appreciate and enjoy the artistic pursuits of those who have gone before us.  Thoughtful and informed decision making is critical in the field of preservation of history and the restoration of historic surfaces.

To this end we also offer consultation services that are both useful and affordable for those whose good intentions are not matched or supported by their level of expertise. 

Fox Theatre Riverside

San Gabriel

san gabriel 01-art-scale-2_00x-gigapixel
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