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Public & Sacred Spaces

Some of our favorite public spaces to work in have been churches, hotels, theaters, libraries, and exterior murals.
In planning work for a public space we take into consideration things like mood, lighting, viewer angles, average viewer distance and also the demographics of the average person that might encounter the space.  We work directly with the client to target specific expectations for the space. We try to anticipate how the space will be used, and ambitiously try to complete our common objectives.  For a fresh perspective on your favorite public space, please contact us and see if we can be of assistance.

La Crescenta Library

Holy Spirit Parish

Private Spaces

Private/ semi-private spaces occur generally, but not always, within the home.  This is where we can help you target your unique expressive personality.  It could be nothing more than the perfect color combination, or it could be your own symbols of peace and tranquility.  It could be motivational, meditative, transitional, or viscerally intriguing in a way that is unique to you.  Examples of personal spaces that we have transformed are gym/workout rooms, spas, prayer and devotional centers, chapels, temples, shrines, master suites, home theaters, powder rooms and breakfast nooks. Asthe pace of our busy work week becomes increasingly frenetic, it is nice to know that we can retreat to a special place, reconnect with our inner self, and find our center.

Merage House